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About Us

Sarah and Megan

Hey, who's driving this thing?

Winged eyeliner, bubblegum pop, and flamboyant sunglasses with a dash of potty humor. We are Hello Holiday founders Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik and Megan Hunt and we'd like to tell you a little about what's going on over here! We met in our teens through the Omaha music scene, and quickly bonded over our love of fashion and design (among a few other things, as we said earlier). Over the years as we grew from black dyejobs and house shows to car seats and brow waxes, we kept our tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and style and eventually found ourselves at a career crossroads. What to do next? When Sarah dropped into Megan's office in Spring 2012 to steam a vintage prom dress, we opened up to each other about our biggest dreams--the aspirations and ideas we were almost afraid to say out loud.

Sarah was freelancing as a successful fashion writer and stylist and wanted to create a platform to cool-hunt for amazing new clothes and share her style advice with women everywhere. Megan started an indie bridal design company in 2005 and was downsizing from her downtown office and looking for a new challenge in business. Both of us wanted to create a charming and exuberant approach to style and online shopping that we hadn't yet seen in the market--an accessible, friendly brand that offered sophisticated but whimsical options in fashion for women like us on the brink of a major milestone. Finishing a degree, making a big career leap, buying a house, perhaps a marriage. For us, there's always a new challenge on the horizon, and a new adventure penned into our datebooks. We know there are millions more of you out there who understand.

Fast forward through thousands of hours of designer scouting, inventory gathering, trade show walking, trip booking, description writing, scotch pouring, steaming, photographing, troubleshooting, website debugging, hanging file folder decorating, paper pushing, and waffle-eating, and we can say that we've built something that we're really proud of. Hello Holiday is here and we have arrived.

We're glad you're here.
meg + rah