Wax Buffalo Pure Fragrance Roll On

Wax Buffalo Pure Fragrance Roll On

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  • pure fragrance roll on by Wax Buffalo of lincoln, nebraska
  • choice of scents - see descriptions below
  • for all you babes that want to take your wax buffalo fragrance with you everywhere you go! 
  • these tiny treasures are nourishing for your skin and smell absolutely dreamy.
  • ingredients: pure fragrance oil, a touch of sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and antibacterial coconut oil. 
  • made in lincoln, nebraska

blood orange. this citrus explosion is fresh, juicy, and our number one seller. it’s top notes are obviously orangy, and tangy, with under notes of grapefruit, lemon, sugar, and honey. it’s bright, bubbly, and fun. 

sweet tobacco. another top seller! i have a hard time keeping this one in stock. with top notes of warm vanilla scented tobacco, coriander and a bit of tonka, under notes of honey blossom, and clove. this candle takes you on a memory adventure. cozy pipes, and dimly lit bookstores, black coffee, and warm sunday afternoons. that’s sweet tobacco.

red ferne. if golden hour had a scent it would be this one. the way your heart feels as the midwest sun is setting deep red and all pinky greatness behind long wispy grass. the earth is warm, fragrant and amber. the air is filled with fireflies a hint of oaky moss.