About Us

For the Hello Holiday girl, there's always a new challenge on the horizon and a new adventure penned into her datebook. She's never without a good book and at least twelve tubes of lipstick in her handbag, and doesn’t wait for permission to pop champagne. We work with small fashion designers all over the world, which means that almost everything in our shop is either exclusive to us or from a small collection manufactured by an indie designer. We've curated a selection of unique clothes for beautiful women of all sizes--the kinds of things we keep returning to again and again in our closets.

From our growing roster of emerging designers to our enviable yet easy-to-style inventory, we narrow the gap between designers and consumers. We sell gladrags for the girls with lipstick on their pillow cases and perfume in their diaper bags. For the women who choose Jayne over Audrey and Brigitte over Marilyn. We’ve got gear for gals concealing bruised legs under cigarette-burned clothing from yesteryear. We’re glad you’re here.