Meet the Team

Megan Hunt and Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik of Hello Holiday

Hello Holiday was started by Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik and Megan Hunt in 2012 to promote the work of independent designers, artists, activists, and uncommon aesthetics. Our showroom, opened in 2014, serves as the home base for Hello Holiday operations as well as a hub for community events, workshops, and pop-ups. We're at 5008 Underwood Avenue in Omaha and open 11-7 Monday through Saturday, and 12-5 on Sundays. 

We hire local, support local makers, and we are avid supporters and builders of the Midwest startup community. We engage new entrepreneurs with mentoring, teach classes through local business accelerators, and have taken the lead in promoting and supporting local independent designers. We offer distribution and support to small designers in seven countries, and we reinvest the revenue from our online sales all over the world into our community. We believe in “building where you are,” and our enthusiasm for developing Omaha’s young creative class by offering jobs, paid internships, and mentorship is a cornerstone of our company’s ethos. Hello Holiday is an online boutique inspired by designers, artists, activists, and the women we want to become.  

Meet Sarah:

Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik is a stylist, writer, and vintage style enthusiast based in Omaha, Nebraska. Currently focused on growing Hello Holiday, an e-commerce startup to support independent fashion designers, she has also collaborated with retailers like H&M and has been called upon by numerous publications and blogs to lend her celebratory and effusive take on fashion and style. Sarah has a passion for entrepreneurship, women’s rights advocacy, motherhood, and using fashion to inspire confidence and power in women.  

Meet Megan:

Megan Hunt is an entrepreneur, activist, mother, and State Senator elected to the Nebraska Legislature in 2018. Megan is best known as an outspoken, bold, and tenacious business owner and community leader who has built a reputation for blending the personal, the political, and the professional. She loves discussing issues of equality and justice as well as her personal passion project, reducing brain drain in the Midwest. Megan lives with her daughter Alice and enjoys collecting art, doing crossword puzzles, taking care of her plants, and pricing plane tickets.